We Understand the struggle

because we're moms too!

At PeriCare, our journey began with a profound understanding of the unique challenges faced by mothers. Founded by Perihan Abouzeid who experienced the trials and triumphs of motherhood firsthand, we strive to empower and support women in their journey of nurturing their little ones while taking care of their own health and wellbeing.

As a mother, our founder encountered numerous obstacles, particularly when it came to breastfeeding in public places, pumping at work, traveling with a baby, and prioritizing self-care amidst the demands of motherhood. These challenges inspired her to create a startup that would provide practical solutions and create a nurturing environment for mothers everywhere.

At PeriCare, we are dedicated to developing innovative products and services that address the specific needs of modern mothers. We understand the importance of breastfeeding and the desire to do so comfortably and confidently, regardless of location. Our range of discreet and stylish nursing products and self-care services ensures that mothers can nurse their babies with ease, and take care of their own health, no matter where they are.

We also recognize the demands of the working mother and the need for efficient pumping solutions. Our cutting-edge nursing pods and support systems enable mothers to express milk conveniently, without compromising their professional commitments.

Moreover, we understand the desire to explore the world with a little one in tow. Our travel essentials are designed to simplify the journey, making it stress-free for both mother and child.

Above all, we emphasize the significance of self-care and wellbeing. Through our curated wellness products and personalized support, we encourage mothers to prioritize their own physical and mental health, fostering a sense of empowerment and fulfillment.

At PeriCare, we are driven by a deep commitment to improving the lives of mothers and their babies. Join us on this transformative journey as we create a world where motherhood is celebrated, supported, and cherished.