Add-on Features

Premium Experience

PeriCare nursing pods are designed to create a first-class experience for the nursing mothers, with unique features like built-in speakers, dimmable lights, ergonomic seat, and more.

Smart & Engaging

PeriCare nursing pods allow mothers to adjust the lighting, play relaxing music, shop for baby/mother products, or consume educational content, all through our built-in tablet and electronic control system. And this experience extends beyond the pod, as mothers can download the PeriCare app to locate the nearest nursing pod, connect with other mothers, consumer content or shop for products. Our digital products create a sense of community inside and outside the pods.

Fully Customizable

We understand that creating a premium experience can never be a one-size-fits-all solution. Our nursing pods are designed to be fully customizable on the inside and the outside, all while maintaining the Premium PeriCare experience. Customizations include exterior branding, sizing, furnishing and amenities. Whatever your business need is, we guarantee we can meet them to ensure an ultimate experience for your customers. 




Ideal for workplaces & commercial spaces. 


PeriCare indoor pods come equipped with built-in speakers, dimmable lights, water dispenser, toddler seat, hanger, silent ventilator, with optional features such as a mini fridge, tablet and silent scent diffuser.




Ideal for events, hotels & resorts.


PeriCare outdoor nursing pods are built with fortified materials to withstand environmental factors such as wind, rain, and heat. They are equipped with an air-conditioner, and insulated with heat isolation to be energy-efficient. The exterior can be customized with painted artwork or greenery to match the atmosphere of the place. 




Ideal for workplaces with limited space.


PeriCare Room Conversion solution helps you create the same premium experience of PeriCare Nursing Pods, in one of your meetings rooms or unused offices. It is the ultimate cost-effective and space-efficient solution for employers to support their breastfeeding employees. 

  • Essentials

  • $1,400
    • Monthly rental
    • Optional customization 
    • Quality guarantee
    • Fully furnished
    • Water dispenser
    • Cleaning and maintenance
Best Value
  • Essentials+

  • $1,515
    • Monthly rental
    • Optional customization
    • Tablet with built-in app suite
    • Toddler corner
    • Water dispenser & mini fridge
    • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Premium

  • $2,490
    • Monthly rental
    • Branding customization
    • A storage unit with a key
    • TV screen for content & promotions
    • Drinks & snacks bar
    • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Add-Ons

  • Let's Talk
    • Full exterior customization
    • Interior customization
    • Internet
    • Luxury nursing seat
    • Concierge service
    • Value-added services